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M12 Connectors

The industrially approved M12 connectors are becoming more and more widely used on systems for the railway industry. The standard method for contact termination for M12 connectors has been soldering, insulation displacement or screw terminals.

Tests and field experience have proven crimped contact terminations offer the best possible performance regarding endurance under vibration.

Low weight has become an ever important criteria even for components.

As humidity and moisture have to be considered for internal applications the ingress protection (IP rating) of electrical and electronic devices is a major factor of product evaluation.

Gimota AG has redesigned the common industrial M12 connector according to EN 61076-2-101 to the needs and demand of railway applications. Meeting these criteria, vibration resistant, low weight, IP67 sealed.

The GTM12 connector series by Gimota AG offers a variety of M12 cable plugs/receptacles and bulkheads which are suitable for field assembly.

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